Pilots with guns: pluses and minuses

September 11th showed people that security of their airports, airlines, passengers and plane crew isn’t enough. After the events of this day, it was taken a decision to do everything possible to protect people. First of all, it was decided to scan passengers and their baggage more carefully, so no one could take dangerous things on board. However, the decision to arm pilots sparked off some serious debates. Bush and his administration expected a positive response from the pilots and other people, but the reaction was quite negative. First of all, there were doubts about how safe it is to shoot on a plane. Yet, even after it was proved that a few bullets holes in the plane aren’t dangerous, the pilots didn’t get much desire to have guns. Some people state that it is not their job to protect the plane from hijacking when others state that it is the premier duty of pilots to protect passengers from any danger. There are few more possible variants to prevent hijacking, but they also aren’t very reliable.

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